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Jasmine Lallamant is an award-winning medical massage therapist located in Brandon, FL. Jasmine has been at it for over nineteen (19) years and has a passion for “fixing” those who are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Neck / Back Pain Caused by Auto Accident
  • Post-Operation Pain (Cosmetic)
  • Sports-Related Injuries & Pain
  • Arthritic & Neurological-Related Pain

Jasmine’s Touch also specializes in Injury Prevention, providing cutting-edge techniques to stimulate the muscles and joints to better prepare for upcoming events or assist individuals when needed. Jasmine’s Touch works with a number of local chiropractors and cosmetic surgeons to supplement their in-house services.

Custom Treatment
Jasmine's Touch works with individuals and medical practitioners alike to develop custom treatment plans to reduce and irradicate patient's pain points.
Rehabilitative Services
From auto accident-related pains to post-operation pains, Jasmine's Touch works as a medical healer so patients can begin to live normal, pain-free lives.
Sports Injury Treatment
Athletes naturally experience a heightened level of muscular and joint pain due to their trade — Jasmine's Touch can help prevent and treat them.
Preventative Maintenance
At Jasmine's Touch, we can help not only heal existing pains but also prevent certain pains from even happening. Contact us to find out more.


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